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Coin mining

I don’t know much about mining crypto but I know enough to know if it was really simple everybody would be doing it. Maybe everyone is doing it and maybe it is simple. All I know is I came across this website called Coinwetalk and it’s pretty simple to use. It has a few ads that pop up but as soon as they pop up they are easily closed by hitting the X box.

You first must have your own bitcoin wallet like Coinbase or even Cash App. When you first visit the Coinwetalk page it will ask you to log in with your bitcoin wallet address and if it is valid it will log you in. An ad will pop up which you can immediately close and then look for the button that says “Start Mining” and that’s it! Hit the link below if you are interested and leave a comment on what you think!


BC Games

Daily spin for possibly 1BTC!

Here is a site I find myself on frequently. The rewards are very nice. There is a daily spin but the VIP rewards are pretty interesting. The website itself is pretty stable. I enjoy Crash, Black Jack, and HiLo.

Click here to try it out and feel free to comment below, ask any questions, or to just leave feedback. Don’t forget to follow for more to come.